Thursday, December 23, 2010

What? You don't like cake?

Nobody said you had to have your cake and eat it, too...or did they? Well, I won't argue with history, but regardless, you're planning this historical moment, so it's best to choose what works for you! There are many alternative options available to choose from aside from the traditional wedding cake. You don't have to eat any sweets at all, but it's always a good idea to provide something soothing to the guests' sweet tooth once the reception commences. Some of the options include the following: a cupcake tree, which closely resembles a tiered wedding cake but offers individual cupcakes instead or if you'd like to get a bit a more fancy you can go the traditional French route with "croque-en-bouche," can you say that three times fast? Also, chocolate truffles, decadent cookies, mousses, puddings, tarts, and squares can be served as an alternative. If you want a down-home country feeling and want to get Auntie Mae involved in the wedding, you can even offer pies as dessert. But if you really can't decide on which option works best, it's always popular to go with the Viennese spread. This spread is a dessert table that has a wide array of sweets that each guest can choose from that suits their craving. Another option is the chocolate fondue which can be placed at each table or at one table and guests are provided fruit individually and dip them in the fondue fountain-just don't start tossing coins over your shoulder, it's not that kind of fountain! Of course, if you want to have more fun and lighten up the mood of the whole place, why not have an ice cream sundae bar? It'd be like going back to the good-ole days of soda fountains and summertime treats! Well, not everyone will remember that, but we can pretend we did! It might just fit a retro-themed wedding!

This is one of my favorite alternative dessert vendors in New York. Take a peak:

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