Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Opening Day!

Hello Bloggers, I finally made it to the blogosphere. I'm so happy to announce that my vision and year long process of creating my first business has come to fruition. It's a thrill to begin. My company, Nouveau Events, specializes in re-creating the concept of a wedding. I was inspired one day on a trip to Los Angeles with my best friend realizing the excitement and awe that surround us everyday and within every day's life experiences that just isn't presented in the most memorable event of our lives - weddings. I'm an artist and designer specializing in interior design and I'm constantly looking for inspiration from all around me to re-create into a fantasy form within interiors and public spaces. So it's not far fetched to assume that I can present these concepts to those who desire to hold a unique wedding of their own. If you have a story that you loved to read as a child that you'd like to conceptualize as a sophisticated theme into your wedding, I'm here to help. It can be a movie, a book of literature, a song that inspires you, whichever it may be, there is a visual story that can be re-created just for you.

Have you ever been inspired by everyday experiences and elements surrounding you that you dreamed of re-creating as a visual experience of your own?