Monday, December 13, 2010

Tron- Icon

With the new film "Tron" premiering this Friday, I thought it'd be a lot of fun to create an event based on the theme of this film. The special effects and the key element, LED lighting, really can say "future" for any event. This can be a design for a party, a very distinct wedding or a corporate event based on a company theme "bringing us into the future." There are many purposes for an event theme, but this one just seems to be a lot of fun! If it were to be used for a wedding, you could even bring the ceremony into the future by creating an LED platform as well as visual surround coordinating with the rest of the design of the event. Of course, you can't lose the element of elegance at a wedding, so there would remain quite of a lot of details that bring you back to reality-but don't be disappointed, it's always in the details that make an event a WOW factor! Take a look at my latest mood board. It's sure to make to you want to leave the past behind and step forward into fantasy land - the future.

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