Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Abstract Art = Abstract Wedding Dress:

It's a recipe for a great creation when you take a plain palette, in this case a typical wedding dress, and change it up with a bit of artwork. Why not make a dress a work of art? I always believed that a wedding should be more about the couple and their insights and creativity than the standards that society establishes for formal occasions. This "trash the dress" can take on a positive form in my viewpoint as a more inspirational prospect for any old plain and boring wedding dress. The colors of the paint splashed across show freedom and hey, why not "love?" Imagine as a couple taking this piece and together turning it into a united work of art that shows the union of their two inner souls and expression of love in an even more visual way?

I'm sure there is going to be quite a lot of opposition to this, but I just love the effect it has. It's dramatic yet playful. Romantic with an edge and that's what Nouveau is all about!

Photoshoot provided by Nadine Photography. 
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